You react to my emotions appropriately, it's just I'm disappointed your face doesn't look like the emoji Now I'm wishing I'd texted you instead of meeting in person Because with every question or comment, I'm forced to answer on the spot instead of taking my time to type a response The worst part is I [...]

Chasing Nightmares

Wishing for darkness Praying for rain Chasing a dream is scarier than realizing a nightmare is real Once you've been at the bottom you know you can climb But what happens when dreams come true When you're standing at the highest peak of the highest summit There's not much room The air is thin You're [...]

Shopkins and Virginity

I've referenced it in a few poems, but haven't said it explicitly. My wife, Laura, is pregnant. She's due Dec. 6. Instead of playing Beethoven or Mozart for baby Gavi, I'm playing this: https://youtu.be/hZ5cSRLj-l8 I heard it at daycare last week and was hooked from the opening snaps. Laura does a good impression of the [...]