I Wrote a Poem from a Row of Book Spines

A blank stare at the spine of a Cursed Child. Where on The Farm he learned the Art of a Beautiful Game.

I bought a creative book containing different prompts. For example, there are two pages full of identical circles and triangles. The instructions say to caption each one. Another page says to make a mixtape for someone who doesn’t know you. The latest prompt I completed says to stack books and make a poem out of the spines. Instead of making a stack I used the bottom two rows of my bookshelf as they are.

books on a shelf
The bottom half of our bookshelf.

Here’s my poem:

A Sorcerer’s Stone leads to a Chamber of Secrets

A Prisoner of Azkaban hurls a Goblet of Fire

The Order of the Phoenix is run by a Half-Blood Prince

The Deathly Hallows were found in the year 1Q84

The same year a 100-Year-Old Man provided Help for the Haunted

A People Share their History of Basketball and Andre Agassi (this was the toughest line)

Meanwhile, The Goldfinch furthered Tartt On the Path of the Immortals

Presidents should Shut Up and Run for something other than themselves

A blank stare at the spine of a Cursed Child

Where on The Farm he learned the Art of a Beautiful Game

At the same time Amelia’s mom learned to Live with Depression

While Jordan’s Rule ended with the Return of the King

Media has turned Killing into a form of Entertainment

Nearly on par with the pageantry of WrestleMania

Cheering for a color and wandering aimlessly


I also bought a book filled with 3,000 questions to ask yourself. I like to use these for a few minutes before I start writing each day to get the creative juices flowing.