Fair Skin (a poem)

It is hard not to bear your soul through translucent skin.

A vampire

Literally allergic to the sun

Jealous of bikini model tans

Forgetting sunscreen means losing a layer of skin

Applying it until paler than thought possible

The sun comes out and freckles appear

But pale skin lets the light shine through

It is hard not to bear your soul through translucent skin

Easier for love to permeate the heart


5 Truths of Life

The illusion of fairness and other truths of life.

I’m going to share the 5 truths of life Laura sent me the other day. Clearly, this isn’t an exhaustive list, and if you have some you’d like to add, put them in the comments.

  • Everything Changes and Comes to an End

A perfect example is life. We go through so many changes, planned & unplanned (see #2). We change jobs. Ideas change. Feelings change. Interests change. Friends change. And then it ends. At least this life we’re currently living ends.

  • Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

No shit.

  • Life Isn’t Always Fair

This is something I want to teach our child. Fairness should never be counted on. Life is unfair from the beginning. I played no part in where I was born or the parents I was born to. Neither did the child born to a single parent, living in a makeshift hut.

Learning to let go of the illusion of fairness makes life easier, freeing up time to work with your current situation.

  • Pain is Part of Life

The most evident truth. Pain is what makes joy so pleasurable.

  • People Are Not Always Loving and Loyal

Unfortunately. And just because loyalty is a desired trait doesn’t mean loyalty should be practiced blindly.