Blind Eyes Can’t See

I am blind, yet I do not see.

I am not blind

Yet I do not see

You speak

I listen

But so much is lost

In the absence of my sight

Only when you walk away

Do I realize what I missed

Your eyes showing so much emotion

Love, desire, compassion


From your eyes I seem disinterested

While that is not the case

I can’t help but think I’d feel the same way

If you didn’t see me

Didn’t even show the courtesy of looking through me



No sounds

No sights remembered

But everything I am stems from that day

An amalgamation of atoms and cells

From the love of two parents

And the womb of one

One’s birth is as foreign as the dinosaurs

Knowledge coming from stories

Fossils and relics

Perfectly preserved footprints

In the dirt or a baby book