Fear emerges from a chrysalis and transforms into a kaleidoscope of dreams.

The first step is hard
Feels like an anvil resting on your foot
Crushing the delicate bones
But instead of pain
You feel comfort
Comfort knowing you can’t step off the edge
Plunge into the depths
It was you who placed the anvil on your foot in the first place
You who listened to the doubts
The naysayers
That anvil keeps you safe
But if you’ll only pick it up
Toss it over the side
Inch your toes forward
Let them dangle over the edge
The fear begins to transform
Emerging from a chrysalis
Becomes a kaleidoscope of butterflies
As these beautiful insects flutter in your stomach
Your heels will lift
Your toes will rise
And if you’ll only take a step
They’ll carry you down gently
Past the doubt
Past the fear
And place you softly on the doorstep of your dreams