Blood is important. But it’s not everything.

Blood is important

But it’s not everything

Blood is something others cannot give

Blood cannot be donated to make a family

Though some would gladly give their blood for one

Others can only offer love

Love doesn’t flow through the veins

It rests in the heart

Builds a home

Like the home the loved one has been given

Poem for my Future Daughter

You’re smarter than guys. More intelligent than girls. Don’t stress about grades. Change the world.

You’re not too pretty to cry

Your mother cries

You’re the prettiest people I know

Tears make you human


Play football

Get rough

Roll in the mud

Get dirty


You were born here

They were born there

You’ll learn soon enough

Life isn’t fair


Embrace your body

Wear clothes you like

And clothes others don’t

Wear confidence


You’re smarter than guys

More intelligent than girls

Don’t stress about grades

Change the world


Success shouldn’t bring guilt

Never feel less

Hold your head high

You did your best


Anger is true

Sadness is too

Remember the light

That shines inside you


Size does matter

Not where you think

Grow your heart

Ignore your waist


When everything is gone

You’ll have your heart

Love is pure

Hatred keeps us apart


You’re a woman

Take pride

So many girls

Not enough guides