Self-Publishing Journey Part 3

Finishing the first draft of my novella gave me the momentum to finish my other story.

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I was stuck. Lying in bed, I had given up on the horror story. This was worse than writer’s block. I needed an idea. Then it struck me. I got out of bed and went to the office to write it down. All the major points of the story were there. It was incredible. All that was left was to write it. I woke early and started typing. The several thousand words I wrote that morning were the most I had written in one sitting at that point. I was so satisfied. And excited. I was already passionate about writing, but this was electric. I couldn’t wait to sit at my desk again. This went on for about a month. Endless ideas and words flowing. I felt the story as I wrote. I would compare it to a runner’s high, but I found it every day.

Until I approached the end. But this time I approached the familiar problem a different way. I went back to the horror story. And guess what. I got unstuck. It didn’t take long to finish writing the first draft, and it wasn’t long, but what turned out to be a novella was my first finished manuscript. And finishing it gave me the momentum I needed to finish my other story.