Shopkins and Virginity

I’ve referenced it in a few poems, but haven’t said it explicitly. My wife, Laura, is pregnant. She’s due Dec. 6. Instead of playing Beethoven or Mozart for baby Gavi, I’m playing this:

I heard it at daycare last week and was hooked from the opening snaps. Laura does a good impression of the cup of noodles.

I’m also reading to Gavi so she recognizes my voice. I’ve started with something light, reading to her about a different state’s history and geology while Laura is in the bath.

On another note, I’m not entirely sure we should trust Gavi when she starts walking. I mean,  how well can we really know her? Should we lock our bedroom doors?

Recent note from daycare:

Marshall Mifflin was trying to slyly ask other kids about virginity on the bus yesterday. Thankfully, nobody was listening to him, and I didn’t call attention to it because he stopped and that wasn’t something I wanted to discuss on the bus.