Deep End

I treat groups of people like a cold pool

Checking the temperature with a smile

A nod

Dipping my toes in

Insert “relevant comment here”

Slowly wading into conversation

The chilly water reaches my chest

I hold my breath

At last submerging my head

Mustering the courage to introduce myself

Excusing myself would mean starting over again


Same Number

I may not call. I may not text. But I keep the same number. To see what’s next.

I may not call

I may not text

But I keep the same number

To see what’s next


Several months pass

Where are you at

I keep the same number

In case you want to chat


If you don’t hear from me

Don’t think you’re forgotten

I just don’t have much to say


I don’t talk about myself

Or give my opinions

So if you hear me speak

Please stop and listen


When you’re talking to me

I’m not half-asleep

I’m worried about my lack of thoughts

They’re forming while I listen


Don’t give up on our conversation

I know it’s like pulling teeth

Getting words out of me

Is difficult, I see


I have stuff to say

But still, not a lot

I keep the same number

Hoping you’ll force me to talk