Rejection Never Felt So Good

If you’re a writer, you’ve probably heard of Pitch Wars. Or maybe not. I didn’t discover it until earlier this year. Anyway, I applied to be a mentee this year, meaning a published author would mentor me as I got ready to publish. Query letters, synopsis, draft rewrite, everything. However, the October 12th selection deadline passed without a whisper coming may way. I didn’t even get a request in their Twitter contest. Rejection never felt so good.

I feel liberated now that the deadline has passed. I’ve been struggling to work on my next project with this one lingering in my mind. But now I’m free. It’s free. The self-publishing journey continues.



Life mirroring the seas’ tides.

Days so happy I never want to die

Days spent in the depths where I’m too afraid to cry

Nights filled with promise of wonders yet to come

Nights consumed with sadness but I have nowhere to run

Evenings lost in thought, happy memories on my mind

Evenings forged in fire with me trying to get by

Mornings bring a sense of breath and freshness is renewed

Mornings dreading all the things a living soul must do