Things I’ve Noticed When I Don’t Run

I have been on the shelf for over a month now with a sprained ankle. I believe since February 9. My last basketball injury forced me to miss a race, but I’m determined to make this one, mainly because the medal is dope. I’ve got a month and a half left. I changed my distance from the full to the half marathon and I’ll limp all 13 miles if I have to for that medal.

Since I haven’t been running, here are a five things that have happened, a few which didn’t happen during my last running break.

  1. Acne has started showing up on my forehead. Every morning I’ve got a new one to pop. Running decreases stress, while stress contributes to acne. During this break I’ve been preparing to publish my first novel, Little Big Brother. Makes sense.
  2. I’m actually dreaming and they’ve been crazy. This started a week ago, along with terrible sleep. I never dream. Never. But this week I’ve dreamed about baking a chubby kid a cake, eating someone’s face and Laura speaking only in rhymes.
  3. Sleepy. It’s harder to wake up and harder to stay awake at night.
  4. All of my muscles are tight. I’m trying to stretch and work out, but it’s just not working.
  5. Lack of appetite. I love to eat, but over the past few weeks there have been days I don’t eat breakfast or lunch because I’m just not hungry.

Author: Arsenio Franklin

Writer & depressed house husband.

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