I’m being distant again.

2.23.18 post image

I don’t have much today. Laura told me I’m being distant again. I’ve felt it. Not nearly as bad as I once was, but there’s enough slippage that she notices. I’ll always go in and out of depressions, but I’m working on not letting them affect my relationships. Communicating them to her helps, but I usually don’t. It’s a challenge, but I’m ready. I know I can do it because of how far I’ve already come (with her help). The first long run I did after being diagnosed, when I first started running, she rode her bike alongside me. I was so pumped because I felt accomplished for the first time in years. In that moment, she told me she hadn’t been sure she would ever get me back. We’ve come a long way.

When it comes to writing, it’s much easier to get stuff done when I relax and don’t get overwhelmed with other things. Focusing on one task is easier (& more efficient) than working on one & worrying about 3 others.

Also, I’m going to change the layout of the site soon. I really want to get rid of the scrolling featured posts on the home page and just have a list of recent posts. That’s how I like seeing blogs, especially new ones I’m checking out for the first time.

I’ll leave you with this song since we’re listening to it in the office.


Author: Arsenio Franklin

Writer & depressed house husband.

One thought on “2.23.18”

  1. Depression is an everyday battle and I am so proud of what you have conquered so far. You’re not letting depression stand in your way. Kudos to Laura Franklin also. It takes a lot of patience and understanding on her part

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