Thank You Bloggers

Bloggers are awesome.

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My favorite part about creating Depressed House Husband has been connecting with readers and writers. Not just on my own site. I love checking the blogs I follow and discovering new people. Engaging in comment conversations.

I’m not on Facebook or Instagram, and Twitter likes don’t move me, but I swell when I see a like on my posts. Because everything I share here is true and authentic.

In addition to the entire blogging community, a special thanks to everyone who shares their story of mental illness. It was hard seeing anything clearly at my lowest point, but knowing there were others suffering as I was would have been huge. Your stories help me and so many others in ways that experts can’t. All of you are a big reason why I wanted to start blogging.

Thanks again! I’m honored to join such a wonderful group of people. Some of my favorites I’ve found in my month of blogging:

A Writer’s Soul

A Pause, Not an End

Running With Your Heart

Defining Yellow


Fractured Faith Blog


Author: Arsenio Franklin

Writer & depressed house husband.

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